The Impact of Design and the Effect on Society

As I scanned through the news this morning, the title of one video clip in the tech feed caught my eye – “The New Literacy of Design”.  Over the past few years I’ve been helping businesses strategically design and market their products and services in a way that evokes a desired emotional response from the target audience.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the impact of design over the past year, and I’ve realized that design has enough power to make or break a business.  But even bigger than that, I’ve realized that design (especially multi sensory design) actually has the ability to improve or even degrade our society through the emotion and response it (primarily subconsciously) triggers.  I haven’t put many of these thoughts on paper yet, but I plan to expand on these concepts and provide examples in future posts.

For now, I’ll hand the mic over to David Kadavy.  David has similar thoughts on this topic of the power and impact of design.  In his TED talk below, he discusses the concept of “design literacy” trends and hints at the impact this could have on society if deliberately addressed:

Great job, David.  This idea of spreading the literacy of design is definitely an idea worth sharing.