Decisions, Distractions & Diamonds

As we hit our stride in the market, and the things we’ve focused so much of our time, money and attention on begin to work, we’re faced with a new challenge. Distractions disguised as opportunities start coming out of the woodwork.

So we have to make choices. Do we jump on the shiny object in hopes of getting lucky and finding a golden ticket? Or do we remain focused on the less enjoyable activities that make up a dusty strategy we collectively agreed on months ago?

Coming up with the new strategy is exciting. We live in a society that applauds and celebrates starting. But the excitement of the start will always die down. And at that point, we’re left with two big questions to answer – Why did we decide to start this in the first place? And is it really worth our time, money and emotion to continue?

Maintaing confidence in decisions made based on the excitement of starting is never easy and almost always doomed for failure. On the other hand, when you make calculated decisions based on a vision that’s bigger than the excitement of the start, identifying the distractions from the diamonds becomes much easier.