Pivoting in Response to Inevitable Automation

In his book “The World Is Flat”, Thomas Friedman prophesies of a global leveling of market competition, due largely in part to the rapid pace at which technology is advancing. Today, nine years later, the evidence of a “flat world” surrounds us. Innovative technology is barreling towards proving Zuboff’s first law of information technology – […]

Businesses, Brands and Movements

There’s a common attribute that consistently separates great businesses from the rest. Most businesses start with the ‘What’ and then focus on the ‘How’. What will our business do? And how will our business compete in what we do? Most businesses operate in the ‘How’ stage until they reach a point where they are no […]

Decisions, Distractions & Diamonds

As we hit our stride in the market, and the things we’ve focused so much of our time, money and attention on begin to work, we’re faced with a new challenge. Distractions disguised as opportunities start coming out of the woodwork. So we have to make choices. Do we jump on the shiny object in […]