The Business of Bundling and Unbundling

This would be their last stop on what had been a long and exhausting road show through Europe.  Accompanied by Marc Andreesen (Cofounder) and Peter Currie (CFO), Jim Clark, Netscape’s CEO, gave the same old pitch to their final audience of investors in a ballroom at the Savoy hotel in London. Netscape was going public.  And in […]

Choosing and Chosen to Lead

Teams form when we make the decision to build something that’s bigger than ourselves. And if you’re working with a team, at some point, you made the decision to take on a specific role that carries unique responsibility and the associated accountability. Every team faces barriers as they grow (and growing can be painful!). And, if you’re […]

Cheaper or Better

Almost every project proposal we submit is challenged. And our competition is massive. We weigh in against consulting firms with thousands of employees, multi-million dollar marketing budgets, international footprints & endless trophies and awards from all of the right organizations, magazines and media outlets. To say we’re in a David vs. Goliath situation is an […]

Pivoting in Response to Inevitable Automation

In his book “The World Is Flat”, Thomas Friedman prophesies of a global leveling of market competition, due largely in part to the rapid pace at which technology is advancing. Today, nine years later, the evidence of a “flat world” surrounds us. Innovative technology is barreling towards proving Zuboff’s first law of information technology – […]