Businesses, Brands and Movements

There’s a common attribute that consistently separates great businesses from the rest.

Most businesses start with the ‘What’ and then focus on the ‘How’.

What will our business do? And how will our business compete in what we do?

Most businesses operate in the ‘How’ stage until they reach a point where they are no longer able to compete. These businesses are built on foundations of leadership visions & strategies, growth-centric missions, current skill sets and finance-driven planning. The focus is internal and therefore constrained to the effectiveness of tactics.

Then there are great businesses. These businesses start with the ‘Why’. They position themselves at the center of a tribe that resonates with their passion and purpose. All strategic business decisions (i.e. the ‘How’ and ‘What’) are made based on the ‘Why’. These businesses build something much bigger than a brand. They build movements.

Are you building a business, a brand, or are you starting a movement?